Week 19 – May 20 to May 24

It’s hard to believe that this is the last week of school!  I have so enjoyed working with your students this year and have bittersweet feelings about the year ending!

We will have our final quiz on Tuesday and all make up work needs to be turned in by Tuesday.  Some students are struggling to stay motivated and you might check PowerSchool to see if your student is missing work.

Monday – Finish 2.2 and Review for quiz

Tuesday – Quiz

Wednesday – Field Trip

Thursday – Probability Games

Friday – Shortened schedule with probability games in class and an afternoon with locker clean-out, settling all accounts and 7th grade awards and an all-class activity.

Have a wonderful summer!

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Week 18 – May 13 to May 17

We continue our work in the book Moving Straight Ahead about linear relationships.  The students have been creating tables, graphs and equations and looking at how they show linear relationships.

Monday – MSA 1.3  Raising Money in a walkathon – Tables, graphs and equations.  HW:  pg. 14, #6 (all parts) and #26,  due Wednesday

Tuesday – MSA 1.3 continued and 1.4 Using the Walkathon Money

Wednesday – MSA 2.1  Walking to Win,  Find solutions using a table and graph, HW:  pg. 14, #10 (all parts) , due Friday

Thusday – REWARDS Day.  Move in Topeka.

Friday – 2.2  Crossing the Line, Comparing tables, graphs and equations, HW:  pg. 31, #1 and Fraction Operations  , due Monday.

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Week 17 – May 6 to May 10

We started the week with the DMCT (District Math Competency Test).  This is a test that students will need to pass with an 80% to graduate from high school.  They take the test for the first time in 7th grade.

Next we will begin working in the book called Moving Straight Ahead, Linear Relationships.  Each student will have a book and most of the homework will be from the book.

Monday – DMCT

Tuesday – DMCT

Wednesday – Moving Straight Ahead 1.1, Walking Rates and Linear Relationships, HW:  from book, page, 12 #1 and page 17 #16 and #18, due Friday

Thursday – Moving Straight Ahead 1.2, Walking Rates and Linear Relationships

Friday – Moving Straight Ahead 1.2, HW: page 12 #3 (parts a-e), due Monday

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Week 16 – April 22 to April 26

We will continue to work with adding and subtracting integers.  We will also work with multiplying and dividing integers.  The unit test over positive and negative numbers will be one week from this Friday on May 3.

Monday – Accentuate the Negative, 3.1, Multiplication of Integers, HW:  Integers:  Sums and Differences due Wednsday

Tuesday – Accentuate the Negative, 3.2 Multiplication Patterns

Wednesday – Quiz – Addition and Subtraction of Integers, HW:  Multiplying Integers, due Friday.   KMA Celebration Day.  The students may bring electronics that they will need to place turned off in their lockers during class hours other than math.

Thursday – Accentuate the Negative, 3.3  Division of Integers

Friday – Accentuate the Negative 3.4 Integer Product Game, HW:  Dividing Integers.


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Week 15 – April 15 to April 19

I wanted to let you know that I will be away from school next week.  I will be attending the National Teachers of Mathematics conference in Denver, Colorado.  If your student is absent, please let the office know and they will let me know.  Hopefully the substitute will be able to place make up work in the cabinet by the front door.  If not, I will be sure to work with your student to catch them up.

We continue our work with positive and negative numbers in the book Accentuate the Negative.  The students are learning this week how to add and subtract them and this will be the homework you will see.

Monday – Accentuate the Negative 2.2, Subtracting Integers (positive and negative numbers) using the number line.  HW:  Skill:  Adding Integers, due Wednesday. 

Tuesday – 2.2 continued.

Wednesday – 2.3 Addition and Subtraction Relationships.  HW:  Skill:  Subtracting Integers, due Monday

Thursday – 2.5, Coordinate Graphs.

Friday – No school.

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Week 12 – March 25 to March 29

Hello Everyone,

I apologize for not posting regularly.  The next two weeks are important ones in math class and then we move forward to some great math concepts.

This week we will be revisiting several important concepts including graphing and fractions, decimals and percents. The students have individualized homework this week and we will take the Kansas Math Assessment next week.

Monday – Review the final pre-test results for the KMA and begin work on the individualized homework.  Due Wed.

Tuesday- Interpreting graphs activity

Wednesday – Fractions, decimals and percents.  HW: Individualized, due Friday.

Thursday – Vocabulary Memory Game and KMA review questions.

Friday – Computer lab for tutorial on KMA online features and begin Jeopardy review.


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Week 8 – February 25 to March 1

We will continue our work in the book Comparing and Scaling learning about Unit Rates and creating comparison statements.   We will also continue to study the topics for the Kansas Math Assessment.

Monday – Comparing and Scaling 3.3, Finding and using Unit Rates, HW:  BAIP, Area and Perimeter, due Wednesday

Tuesday – Bell Work Quiz – need to know formulas for area and perimeter.  Need to be able to find area and circumference of a circle.  C & S 3.3 Completion

Wednesday – C & S 3.4, Finding the Unit Rate, HW:  Comparing and Scaling Test Review Guide, pages 1 and 2, due Friday

Thursday – C & S 4.1 Setting Up Proportions

Friday – C & S. 4.2 Everyday Use of Proportions, HW:  C & S Test Review Guide, pages 3 and 4, due Monday


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Week 7 – February 11 to February 16

We continue our work in the book called Comparing and Scaling.  Students are learning to write and compare ratios and will finish the unit work with proportions.

We also will have a formative test for the Kansas Math Assessment this week.  This will give information on which topics students may not be fully understanding and therefore, where to spend more time.

Monday – Comparing and Scaling, 2.3 Finding Equivalent Ratios.

Tuesday – C & S Quiz 1, HW:  C & S Inv. 1 and Decimals and Percents, due Thursday

Wednesday – Kansas Math Assessment Formative

Thursday – C & S 3.1 Find equivalent ratios and unit rate, HW: C & S 2 and 3, due Monday.

Friday – C & S 3.2, Time, Rate and Distance

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Week 6 – February 4 to February 8

We will begin a new book this week called Comparing and Scaling.  We will use ratios, fractions, decimals and percents to compare quantities and scale them larger and smaller.  We will end the unit by writing and solving proportions.  We will also begin more work on preparing for the Kansas Math Assessment and the homework will include a variety of topics.

Monday – Comparing and Scaling 1.1. Ads that Sell, Making comparisons, HW:  Proportional Reasoning Review, due Wednesday

Tuesday – Comparing and Scaling 1.2 Understanding An Audience, Ratios and Fractions

Wednesday – Mixing Juice, Comparing ratios, HW:  Comparing and Scaling 1.2, due Friday

Thursday – Mixing Juice Continued

Friday – Comparing and Scaling 2.2, Sharing Pizza, Writing and Comparing Ratios, HW:  Comparing and Scaling 2.1, due Monday

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Week 5 – Jan. 28 to Feb. 1

We are completing the Stretching and Shrinking Unit this week.  The students have been working hard learning about similar shapes, corresponding angles and sides, ratios and proportions.  Our unit test is this Thursday, January 31.  We will have a review in the morning from 7:30 to 8:00 a.m.  I encourage your student to attend.

Monday – 4.3 Find missing side lengths using corresponding sides and proportions.  HW: S & S Test Review Guide, due Wednesday.

Tuesday – S & S Quiz 2 covering similar figures, corresponding sides and angles and missing side lengths.

Wednesday – Test review in class.

Thursday – Unit Test Review

Friday – Solving algebraic expressions.

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